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At Ananda Wellness, through Yoga and Pilates, we help you to become fitter, more flexible, stronger, healthier and create a greater sense of wellbeing.

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Introducing Ananda Wellness

At Ananda Wellness your wellbeing is our priority. So if you are struggling with back pain, wish to relieve stress or wanting to find space and time to think, we offer a range of Pilates and Yoga Classes both in person and online across North West Kent for you to choose from.

Our classes are friendly and have a community feel, all of our classes are mixed ability so we can set you more challenging exercises as your ability improves. We have a range of package to suit all levels, so whether you are new to the area, have been practicing yoga and Pilates for a while or you are just starting out we have something to suit everyone.

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Benefits of Yoga And Pilates

Yoga and Pilates have been proven over many studies to help improve your mental wellbeing. They are different forms of exercise, but both focus on using the breath and movement to help increase fitness, strength and flexibility. These two forms of exercise can help you to:

  • Recover from injury or alleviate back pain.
  • Relieve stress.
  • Re-energise your body and mind
  • Build core strength
  • Increase flexibility

All of our classes are mixed ability, and we can help our clients to scale up or down in the intensity of our work outs.

Packages And Pricing

Whether you wish to attend a class in person or join us online, we have a wide selection of different packages available to suit all levels. Our classes are of mixed ability and we can help you to increase or decrease the intensity of your work out to suit you.


We run a number of retreats across the year in different locations, our next one is in October at the beautiful “A Sussex House.” To see what past clients have to say and for further details about the accommodation, itinerary and experience please click below.

Student Testimonials

All of our classes offer a warm and friendly welcome, but don’t just take our word for it, here is what some of our clients have to say.

Joanna Love

Pilates student, Longfield

I really enjoy attending Emma’s classes. She is extremely knowledgeable and the classes are well-planned with a range of stretches and strength-building movements. Emma is quick to get to know the members in the class with their individual needs and requirements. I would not hesitate to recommend her, we have fun but work hard and I am pleased with the progress I have made.

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